How do you know, hardware problems or software problems on your computer!

Today the computer is a machine / machine, without which one moment can not be imagined. And if you are a computer guru, you definitely spend 15 hours a day with your computer. And when there is a problem in this important machine, there can be no more annoying thing at least to me. But to find out more difficult issues, the computer is making problems due to hardware, or has the problem been created from the software? For most of the time, software and hardware related problems can be the same result, so it is proven to be very difficult to determine properly. From this article you will try to share some instructions, through which you will be able to determine the exact problem.

Slow computer

Computer Slow-In My Opinion Most computer users have a common problem. For hardware reasons, your computer may feel sloppy from other computers, but if your computer gets slow from normal speed it is always a problem of software. Most of the time, when you install more software than your computer’s capabilities and start many programs with computer boots, programs that run automatically, your computer may slow down.

Your computer may be slow due to the different types of malware that your computer is infected with. Maliceus software runs in the background and destroys resources from the computer. Moreover, hackers may install malicious software on your PC, using your computer as a botnet, that means that your computer is using hackers in its own way, so you are not getting any speed while working.

Earlier I said, the computer may be slow for very little time from the hardware problem. However, if your computer CPU gets extra hot, then CPU will be able to down clock the speed to cool its system, and when the computer becomes slow, it can be termed as hardware-related reason. The computer does not slow down normally without hardware.

Blue Screen of Death:

Windows Operating System has improved a lot with computers today. If you talk about Windows 10, which is the most current Windows operating system, it is more reliable than all Windows versions. Moreover, today’s hardware has changed the way, but hardware drivers are also used for high quality programming-so that hardware can work with operating systems without problem only. So normally, the Blue Screen of Death is rarely seen on Windows anymore.

Blue Screen of Death is an unwanted blue screen alert, when Windows is a critical problem and can not recover it, usually the problem arises. Your computer hangs suddenly at any moment and displays a blue screen, where you can show an error message at a time, then your computer restarts automatically.

Remember, most of the time this problem is due to your computer hardware. This may also be a problem for poorly programmed hardware drivers. However, whenever this Blue Screen of Death appears in front of you, it also shows its error message, and you can find out the reason by Google by the error message. Besides, if your computer continues to show this problem again, then reinstall the whole Windows, and install the latest hardware driver. Even if this problem does not go away, be sure it is no other software problem, the problem arises from your computer hardware.

Problems caused by various hardware failures:

# Hard drive; Remember, when your computer fails hardware, it will cause problems immediately. As soon as your computer turns off and will not want to be on the other side, or if there is a DVD ROM problem, no DVD support will be. But software problems are usually noticed for many. For example, your computer is slowly slowing down, restoring the computer to more than once a day, etc. If your computer fails to hard drive, especially the files will be coopered and it will take a lot of time to open a folder or file or access the hard drive. If the hard drive fails again, the computer will not want to take boots – the operating system is physically hard drive.

# Processors; If your computer processor or CPU fails for some reason – definitely your computer will not boot. However, if there is a problem with the CPU, for example, CPU is over heating problem, then the computer can work slow, Kenona will reduce its performance to keep the CPU cooling system. Generally, CPU overhead can be generated when overloaded on the CPU. For example, when heavy gaming, the CPU can be overheated when rendering video or 3D graphics, in which the computer becomes slow.

# RAM; If the RAM fails, the computer can display the blue screen of death repeatedly. Moreover, by failing to get rid of RAM, it may fail to supply data processors properly, so that your computer system may stop working completely. Moreover, frequent applications crash, applications get hanged, not being able to run software properly – these problems can be caused by Ram’s failures.

# Motherboard; Since your entire system is mounted on the motherboard, it can cause serious damage to your computer if it fails. Firstly, you can display the Blue Screen of Death on your computer. Then the computer can automatically show off / on / rest problems and it may happen again and again. Besides, your computer may have smells burned, and any hardware can be destroyed. If you see, all of your hardware is damaged once it is, but it may be the motherboard problem.

# Power supply; Due to failure of power supply, your computer may burn down. The faulty power supply can provide over-voltage in your computer’s hardware, so all the parts can be burnt or damaged.


From the above discussion you have a fairly good idea, what kind of problems hardware and software can cause to your computer. However, some problems may occur due to both hardware and software, such as the Blue Screen of Death. How do you know, who is the problem?

Desktop computer with touchscreen interface

First backup your computer’s data, and reinstall Windows. After installing Windows Frames, it is better not to install previous hardware drivers, download new updated drivers and install it on your system. Scan the malware on the computer, see if the virus has been infected. Now, let’s see if the previous problems are happening again. If your computer comes to the end of this stage, then there is a problem with the software, but if there are still problems before, there is no problem with the software here. Of course, there is a hardware problem in your system. If you want to fix the problem then you must fix the hardware or else you will have to fix the computer.

The last word:

Hopefully, after reading this article it would be a lot easier to diagnose what kind of problem you are having with your computer, even though the AZ topics could not be discussed here, yet there is enough discussion to get your rough idea.