Microsoft has released patches to survive the Ransomware virus! Ransomware Computer virus ‘Medicine’ found!!!

Microsoft has released a patch for older versions of Windows to protect against Ransomware. Interestingly, Microsoft did not support any major support for older operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 8. For older OS users, Microsoft is finally forced to take this step.

The Microsoft Patch was released in March last year about the error that has been used to exploit the rhythm software. But this solution was only for new operating systems. And so the older system users and those who forgot to update the new systems, they are basically now at risk.

When a computer gets infected, it spreads on other devices in the local network as well as spread over the Internet. On computers where server messaging or error patch was not installed, the Ransomware specifically finds them only. This protocol will be closed on the risky computer and will survive this attack. Malwaretech, a security analyst, suddenly invented a process or a kill-switch to stop malware from spreading. As a result, almost one million computers survived this attack. Security experts say they wait for some time, who have been victims of this attack. Researchers are doing everything possible to discover a remedy at no cost. The patch can be removed from the address. Under the post, downloadable English Language Security Updates link can be installed and installed on your system.

ransom ware Computer virus Medicine

The Wanakai named Ransomware virus attacks a PC and stops the file, but the way is found to be found. A few researchers from France have found the only solution to open an encrypted Windows file with Oneacre. Malware is an e-mail that comes with a computer or mobile linked to a program link. This malware prevents opening files and asking for money, it is known as Ransomware.
Security researchers spread across different countries around the world started attempts to open an encryption key, stuck in a file.

Last to say

Researchers say that the solution that they have solved so far can only work to comply with certain conditions. Do not reboot the computer since the condition has been affected. In addition, the solution must be used before the file is completely locked.
Security experts include Adrian Ginenet, Benjamin Dellpie, Matthew Sue, among others. Internationally known hacker Matthew Sui wrote in a blog post about the technical aspects of Wanakrai’s technique. There he gave a link to the software tool ‘Wanaki Build or Guinet’. He described it as the only effective solution. This tool will work in all versions of Windows (Windows 7, XP, 2003), he mentioned.