Who is responsible for cyber attacks?

The world’s most watched event, Oneacra, is the name of the ransom ware attack. So far, 150,000 countries have been reported to have infected three lakh malware. But no one has claimed responsibility for this incident till now. But who is shaking the back of the book, it started with mud chore Suri Russia and the United states’ cyber security experts suspect North Korea

Cyber tech companies Symantec and Kaspersky Lab experts say they found tech sources on Monday. It has been found, North Korea may have been behind the global cyber attack. Some of the early versions of the Wanaka software have been linked to the North Korean lasers group. Kaspersky Lab researcher Kurt Bjgartner told Reuters, “This is the best information we have ever known about the OneCare source.”

Symantec investigator Eric chine told the New York Times, “A link has been found so far. If we analyze more code, we can build confidence in this concept. ‘Yesterday the US Department of the Interior Security Department also said to find similar sources. However, the two organizations have not been fully blamed on North Korea. These investigations by cyber security researchers will also be useful for law enforcement agencies in various countries including Washington. North Korea and cyber criminals suspect US federal Donald Trump’s internal security adviser. US and European security officials told Reuters, who are behind this attack, they are not being told right now. But North Korea has been on the suspicion list.

The Lazarus Hackers group is suspected of being part of North Korea. The hacking system provides the ability to earn money. This group is suspected of stealing 811 million US dollars from the Bangladesh Bank. In addition to the Sony Pictures Entertainment and in February, the Laser’s Hackers Group was suspected of attacking Poland’s bank.

So far it is known that

1. Three lakh PC have been affected in 150 countries.
2. Microsoft and Russia blame the United States.
3. The researchers suspected North Korea’s Lazaras Group.
4. Although the new version of Wanakra Ransomware comes with a new version, its impact is less.
5. The second step of the attack has not yet begun.
6. This attack has come from phishing mail (fraudulent mail).
7. Backing up the data and protecting data from this malware has to be updated.

What is the purpose of the attack

Cyber security experts are not getting a clear idea about the purpose of the attack. Just earning money, or something else?
According to the UK’s cyber security consultant, Hacker House’s co-founder, Matthew Hickey, “I think the attack aims to show how much damage this ransomware can do.”
Antivirus maker Avast claims that the most affected countries are Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, and India.

Who is responsible?

Europe and the US authorities have started working on the new version of malicious malware that can not be spread. As well as strengthening the security of the computer, it has now become a matter of political negotiation with the responsibility of the government in Europe and the United States.

On Sunday, Microsoft Corporation President Brad Smith said in a blog post that the researchers have confirmed that the attack was done using the US National Intelligence Agency (NSA) hacking tool. The tool is leaked online in the last April. However, the United States Internal Security Department has denied the allegation.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the United States He said that because of this technology, there is a need for important political discussions on the issues related to US intelligence. Pointing to the United States intelligence agency, he said, ‘Those who create giant, once the giant will give them their neck. There is nothing to do in Russia.

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