Cyber attack is a warning: Realize by Microsoft!

Recently, the world’s leading cyber attack has been called as a warning for the governments of various countries, Microsoft, a well-known software firm, Microsoft. There is a possibility of further attacks in front. This information was given in the BBC Online report on Monday.

Hackers spreading harmful software RyanSmare on Friday, thousands of computer systems in different parts of the world are stagnant. The increase of the attack rose further on Sunday. At least 150 countries have been attacked by this cyber attack. The number of victims of the attack has more than 200,000.

So far it is known that

According to the New York Times, there is so many information about the global cyber attack, analysts:

1. So far the UK hospitals, some Spanish companies, and 11 other countries have confirmed the attack.

2. According to Kaspersky, 45,000 attacks have been carried out in 74 countries. Among them are FedEx, NHS, Russian Interior Ministry.

3. Microsoft Windows operating system error has been applied. In April, this attack was carried out by using a shadow broker called a hacker to protect the security and error of the programs.

4. 16 hospitals in the UK have been attacked. Doctors can not see the patient’s file. However, Prime Minister Thracea May said that there is no evidence of theft of any patient information.

5. Ooops on the infected computer, your files have been encrypted! Showing messages.

6. Experts are convinced that this is a rainbow named Ramaswamy.

7. The hospitals used to attack were using old software. The cyber security was poor.

8. Starting from the doc file, it is able to hold all the files needed by the media file, XL file.

How to stay safe

Some things have been urged to remember urgently to stay safe from attack. Sumon Ahmed Sabir said, to use this update, to use the update software to avoid this kind of attack. To avoid pirated software. Quick security patches should be updated. Antivirus will be used.

Wired online security advice published online

Microsoft released a security patch named MS 17-010 last March. Many organizations did not update it. The second generation of Wanakrai is currently underway. It could be a few more types. It supports 27 languages. It can enter a network and spread quickly to another computer. So, update the server patch as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the risk of ransomware will be eliminated.





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